Bill Couch is a developer, designer, and photographer in San Francisco. He works as a product engineer on the Web team at Twitter. A fascination with storytelling and its potential with technology is what drives his long-standing obsession to create. His work and history can be found on his portfolio and résumé respectively.

He lets his mind speak on Twitter, notes ephemera and chronicles adventures on Tumblr, leaves breadcrumbs on Foursquare, shares his view on Flickr, observes through Instagram, listens on Rdio and logs it with, posts short films to Vimeo, previews occasional work on Dribbble, and notes the internet on Pinboard.

Born in Colorado, and proudly raised in Michigan, he's an enthusiast of craft beer, shares a kinship with his bike, reveres the Great Lakes, and treasures good conversation.

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Portrait by Ike Edeani.